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Tipe X – Prepare the 8th Album and concert

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Twenty years is not a short time to be able to survive in the music industry. Let alone the music played ska genre, not the familiar music in the ears of music lovers.

That’s the type of band X, the band that manned Tresno (vocals), Micky (bass), Yoss (guitar), Arie Hardjo (drums), Billy (guitar), and Eric (Trombone). Although the 20-year-old already, but this band still durable and replace all new personnel.

According to the band Tresno the establishment in 1995 of the new personnel changed once it is in the position of the drum the year 2009.

“Thank God we survived even though it had lost one personnel beginning. The important thing is our friendship still awake from our still young until we were married, “said Tresno Drum filling time Engrossed in Solo, Central Java, a few days ago.

Tresno explains to celebrate 20 years of the band, Tipe X is currently working on the eighth album. This album will be still had music ska songs such as the X-tipe other.

“Yes it’s still on the way is her album, we make sure there is something new in this eighth album. The arrangements may also be the packaging might be more exclusive again, “said Salam chanter missed it.

In addition to the process of making a new album, chanter Flirtatious it also plans prepare special concerts. Unfortunately the Tipe- X have not been willing to explain in details related to that concert.

“Yes certainly every band wants to make something special for the 20 years of work. But clay later, hopefully so make his concerts, “said chanter Goodbye it is.

Source : Tribunnews

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